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"I guess that to me, happiness stems basically from the knowledge that I can be whatever I want to be and there is nothing in this world that can force me into some predetermined form. That knowledge gives me much of the comfort that I see as one of the preconditions of happiness."

- Amber on happiness

Welcome to the Amber - The Baldur's Gate 2 NPC project website. This is our collaborate effort to bring a new interesting NPC and quests to Blackisle Studio's masterpiece Baldur's Gate 2: The Shadows of Amn and The Throne of Bhaal. Within these pages you will find information regarding Amber and other aspects of the mod. If you have questions or feedback, please contact us via

- Meira & Darios


18th of September 2009
Gibberlings 3 celebrates it's 6th anniversary! Find Amber 2.6 in the Download section. The new version is upgraded with bugfixes and a Spanish translation. This means that Amber is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux users in English, German and Spanish.
14th of May 2008
G3 spring updates are here! Find Amber 2.5 in the Download section. Amber is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux users in both English and German.
7th of November 2007
Thanks to the bigg a Linux version of Amber 2.4 is now available. Find it in the Download section.
7th of June 2007
Amber's email and web addresses have changed! The new email address is and you can find the new website here - if you're not already there, that is. Update your address books and bookmarks!
23rd of January 2007
Version 2.4 of Amber has been released for both Mac OSX and Windows!! The new features include a German translation of the mod and a German soundset for Amber. Take a look at the Download section.
4th of November 2006
Version 2.3 of Amber has been released and it's available for both Mac OSX and Windows! Find it in the Download section.
3rd of November 2006
Thanks to Gorilym Amber is now available also for OSX Macintosh users. Find the mac version in the Download section.
3rd of November 2006
Version 2.2 of Amber has been released. Find it in the Download section.
18th of September 2006
Version 2.1 of Amber has been released. Find it in the Download section.
29th of August 2006
Version 2 of Amber has been released. Find it in the Download section.
5th of July 2006
Version 1.1 of Amber has been released. Find it in the Download section.
4th of July 2006
The first version of Amber has been released! Check out the Download section.
12th of March 2006
All the parts that we wanted to have voiced have now been filled. We wish to thank all of our brave volunteers, your offers to help were very much appreciated.
5th of March 2006
Amber finally has a voice, and her voicing work is currently in the post-production phase. Some retakes will still be recorded, but otherwise the recording phase is complete, with over 500 voice clips recorded by our lovely and hard-working voice actress Celissa. Since also Lorraine and Gabriel have already been voiced, we only have one opening left for a voice actor: the Ghost boy. For this, we will consider anyone, male or female, who can plausibly do the voice of a young boy. The ghost boy only has eight voiced lines, so the amount work involved would be very limited.
18th of July 2005
Amber is going Beta! For more information, visit the forum.
22nd of November 2004
Amber now has her own discussion forum, hosted at The Gibberlings Three. Thanks to CamDawg for offering us this invaluable service.
20th of November 2004
Four voice actors wanted!
  • For our main character, Amber, your voice is ideally 'low and deep, yet not harsh', pleasant and soft. But unless your voice is really high pitched, we will naturally consider all offers. Amber has quite a lot of dialogue in her SoA portion alone (not all of which will of course be voiced), so you will need to reserve some time for it.
  • A smaller voice part is available for the non-party NPC Lorraine. She is a half-elven ranger and cleric of Mielikki, whose roots go all the way back to the faraway continent of Kara-Tur. Lorraine has about a couple of dozen voiced lines, many of them quite emotional. She is in her late thirties or early fourties in human years, so a mature voice would be a definite bonus.
  • We are also in need of voice for a ghost of a young boy - perhaps of an age from eight to twelve years. The ghost has only six voiced lines as it is.
  • Last but not least there is a librarian Imp called Gabriel. He rambles a bit but has just eight voiced lines planned.
20th of November 2004
This site has been opened for the general public. And there was much rejoicing!